This one hour narrative is the perfect companion to Mel Gibson's movie, "The Passion of The Christ".
With an awe-inspiring contemporary soundtrack, The Indictment of Christ recounts the Biblical events as Jesus faces accusations designed to ensnare him. Learn how his words baffled the powerful and silenced insinuation. The more people believed, the greater His threat. These stories, all taken from the Bible, expose the people that plotted to kill Jesus and the reasons they sought that end. While Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" portrays what happened from the time Jesus was captured and crucified, this recording will reveal the events and motives that lead to his capture.
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The Indictment of Christ

  1. Abolishment of Sheol (Death)
      Jesus teaches faith and love performing miracles
      The number of followers grows everyday
      Those who fear losing their power to this new teaching
      Pharisees, Sadducee, Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court)
      "Is it not better one man should die than a whole nation?"

  2. Galilean Teaching
      The sick healed
      The "Bread of Life"
      Turning Point
      Accusations ~ Confrontations

  3. The Blind Healed
      Could this be the Messiah?
      The Kingdom of God has come upon you
      The unforgivable sin.
      A sign, a riddle of events to come

  4. Dangerous Journey into Jerusalem
      Acquired Wisdom ~ He who sent me
      A unique personality baffles
      Believe as we believe, not in this Jesus
      Scheming, plotting...

  5. The Light of the World
      And the Father who sent me bears witness to me
      The truth shall set you free
      Enraged, angered by blasphemy
      Many more come to believe this is the Messiah

  6. The Good Shepherd
      I lay down my life, no man takes it from me
      The resurrection of Lazarus
      Jesus must be stopped
      Death decreed without a trial

  7. Prophecy Foretold
      Greed in the temple
      Hosanna to the Son of David (The Promised Messiah)
      Miracles and words confound capture
      Questioning Jesus's authority
      Frustrating the high priest shocks disciples
      Show us a sign
      Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up
      Parables remembered strengthens faith
      Entrapment fails

  8. Jesus Glorified
      Now is the Judgment
      Be filled with Light

  9. Time Grows Short
      Call no man your master
      Woe to hypocrites

10. Passover
      The end plan is set in motion.

11. Summation: Victory, Ascension, Reassurance
      Our way to God
      Pride and arrogance interferes with Love
      Amazement, anger, rage, and illusion clouding sight
      Mans' nature forgiven
      The one and only true symbol of love and forgiveness
      The march to victory ~ the Resurrection
      The Immaculate Gift (The Holy Ghost)


When I saw "The Passion of The Christ" I was amazed that anyone had thought this movie antisemitc. Knowing the Bible I knew just how little was revealed of the conflicts and motives to remove Jesus.
I believe holding people responsible for what their ancestors did is ludicrous and would not even occur to me if it weren't for the media. The only way this concept would float is if the descendent coerced or hired the ancestor to do the deed and I'm fairly certain that anyone alive today managed that. As a Christian I strive to compassion, sensitivity and truth. A big part of that is just "being real". I have several very close Jewish friends and I never once thought this would offend them. This is New Testiment (and Hebrew) history. If we start rewriting history then we are destined to relive it.
All major races have committed atrocities. We are all sinners. All our ancestors have sinned. Forgiveness is what Christ taught and forgiveness does not require an apology.

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To Publish

I started working on the Christmas Narration in 1995 and decided to follow it with another. I had done the story of His birth and now I would do the story of His death. Christmas and Easter.
Work and my family began to demand more of my time and I never completed what I envisioned. I did finish what I grew to realize would be part one, the causes that lead to Jesus's crucifixion. Part two would be Jesus in front of Pilate, the cross, the Resurrection, Ascension and Holy Spirit. With "The Passion of The Christ" I've decided to now release this "part one". Listening to discussions about "The Passion of The Christ" I realized just how many Christians were not aware that the Bible reveals Jesus's adversaries and their motives in stories that greatly illuminate the beauty and wisdom of Christ. This narrative recounts the motives and snares by those that were afraid of Jesus and his message.

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  6. The Good Shepherd 3.44 MB
  7. Prophecy Foretold 7.30 MB
  8. Jesus Glorified 2.60 MB
  9. Time Grows Short 4.93 MB
  10. Passover 1.90 MB
  11. Summation: Victory, Ascension, Reassurance 7.89 MB

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