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The true meaning of Christmas beginning with the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary and the miracle of John the Baptist.
Recount events leading to Jesus's birth and safe return from their flight to Egypt.
Each Christmas my family gathered at my Grandparent's where we celebrated Christmas. Uncles, Aunts, kids, dogs, and the much needed help in the kitchen all enjoyed the fellowship.
On Christmas Eve each one of us was expected to perform something in the "Christmas Program". This could be a song, a reading of the Bible, a poem or whatever as long as it related to Christmas.
I went on to become a musician and from this tradition have put together this narration with a contemporary soundtrack in hopes that your family, or church can enjoy a "Christmas Program"

Since I now offer this as a free download I hope you will consider a small donation so I can continue my work. Any contribution is appreciated.
Thank You!
Jody Graves

A more in depth Bible study is presented in The Indictment Of Christ which recounts with narration and music the events leading to the crucifixion. I sincerely hope you will also download and share this free offering.
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This one hour recounts the Biblical events as Jesus faces accusations designed to ensnare him.
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Christmas - A Narration

To the left you can listen to the complete narration (Track 1) and soundtrack or the soundtrack alone (Tracks 2 - 5).
Follow along with the text.

The Narration (Index & Snippets)
1. The Angel Gabriel Visits Mary  
Mary Visits Elizabeth, The Birth of John the Baptist
Joseph Consoled by Angel, Joseph and Mary Marry
2. The Trip to Bethlehem, Jesus Born in a Manger 
3. Shepherds Hear the Good News, The Angels' Proclamation  
Simon and Anna at the Temple, Christ Recognized
4. King Herod & The Three Wise Men  
Herod's Plan, Escape to Egypt
Return to Nazareth, Joy to the World

The Music
5. Gabriel's News
6. Wondrous Assurance in Bethlehem Born
7. Awesome News & Recognition
8. Evil Plans Eluded Forever Joy to the World

The Text
Now the complete text is available. Follow the narration with the complete text. Great for groups wishing to perform the story either through mime or retelling.
View the complete text here.

Now download Christmas - A Narration ... Free
with no restrictions. Share with your friends, create a CD, use as a teaching aid, presentation, performance, or whatever ... just enjoy.

Or download individually below. (mp3 files) For Christians everyday is Christmas yet surprisely not all will know the complete story and events surrounding the birth of our Savior.

This narrative is not a simple reading. Well researched and taken from the many accounts in the New Testament it completes a picture of the events surrounding the birth of Christ from the great danger to the greatest joy.

Click on the "Snippets" to the left to hear brief samples. These are Low Fidelity for the Internet.

Our church was blessed to find your narration. We used it last year in our outside nativity journey and we had so many comments about the story - everyone loved the way it was told.

We are performing the Christmas story at our local church and would like to use your narration of the Christmas story (the best by far)
South Africa

Wow ~ thank you so much Jody. This is a beautiful narration. You have saved me so much time and less worry. If you donít mind I will be using this at our church.

God Bless You!!! I certainly hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, I know that the Lord is going to continue to bless you because of your giving and support in our efforts for this Christmas. Again, I canít thank you enough!!!Sending Godís love to you!!!

Lovella! J
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